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From start to finish our customer requirements are our core focus. Valentine Growers Ltd Rose varieties are carefully selected,and the highest quality picked to meet the dynamic and individual market needs. With more than twenty years of experience and qualified team to oversee all operations, both technical and non-technical, we can say with 100% guarantee that our products will surpass your expectations.

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    Valentine Growers Co. Ltd is a tropical flower farm nestled This rose farm is nestled on the outskirts of the bustling metropolis of Nairobi, just 30km from JKIA airport and approximately 15km from Nairobi City itself.Founded in 1996,we have boast more than 20 years experience in the floral business with freshness,quality delivery and customer-eccentricity being the core focus of our business.

    The main destinations for our roses are Holland, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and Scandinavian Countries. Other regions include USA, Middle East, & the Far East.

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    We don’t just sell roses,we create for our clients one of nature’s most beautiful experiences.Our roses are a piece of heaven with a stillness of perfection.Our process of growing,handling,delivery and selling our products is different from your ordinary tropical rose farm company.

    Valentine Growers Co. Ltd grown roses are fresh,with bright colors and a touch of innocence so captivating it would leave you breathless.The subtleness of the fragrance is refreshing and the beauty when they are blooming lights up the environment.We believe this  one of nature’s most exquisite experiences,and we get to make our customers live it as well.

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    We boast of more than 20 years experience in the floral business,having expanded our market beyond both county and continent.A a company,we have grown  from strength to strength not only because we have great products,but also because customer-eccentricity is one of our core business focus and values.

    We deliver great floral products,and we deliver it in a great way;ensuring that our client’s need and expectations are surpassed.Our goal at the end of it all is to ensure that the customer experience for the clients we have and the ones to come is beautiful like the roses we grow.

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We are committed towards ensuring that all Valentine Growers Co. Ltd roses are those of the highest possible quality standards. Post harvest treatment , pre-cooling, grading and packing are implemented by our team of well experienced and trained staff,ensuring only flowers of required specification and quality reach our customers.


Our ability to consistently deliver great products in good time and in a great experience has been one of our key differentiators in the market as well as contributing towards the company's continued success. One of our focal points has always been to met if not surpass customer expectations.