Vision & Mission

Company Vision

Our future and aspirations

Valentine Growers Company Limited aspires to be a market leader locally and internationally in high value horticultural products.

Company Mission

Our goals, targets and path to attaining our vision

Valentine Growers Company is solidly committed to producing high quality horticulture products for premium export market. We are committed to improving the lives of our employees and the community both socially and economically through sustainable projects while producing within the framework of sustainable environment. To accomplish this we are committed to caring for our most important asset our employees, their families, health, education, housing and welfare in general while upholding the Fair Trade concepts and principles.

Core Values

  1. We value our employees and their welfare
  2. We are equal opportunity employer hence we give equal employment opportunities regardless of color, gender, race and religion)
  3. We recognize and reward excellence in performance
  4. We value responsible corporate governance
  5. We nature social responsibility to neighboring communities
  6. We produce our products within the framework of sustainable environment.